General Care

To ensure lasting joy with your Ambigue Jewelry we recommend you to take it off when you shower, take a bath or wash your hands. Store your jewelry in its original box, in particular when travelling. Avoid exposing your jewelry to humidity, which may cause discoloration, cosmetics, salt water and any kind of acids or chemicals. We would also advise you to take it off when you go to bed.

Please note that even though we use an extra thick gold plating, it will wear off eventually and expose the underlying silver. Taking good care of it, will slow down this process. As a natural material silver and gold oxidizes over time, you can clean your jewelry with a soft jewelry polishing cloth and if needed a mild soap and warm water.

Pearl Care

Pearls are organic, natural material and taking good care of them will ensure long lasting shine. They will lose their beautiful lustre if they come in contact with any acids. We therefore strongly recommend avoiding direct contact with perfumes, cosmetics, hair spay and cleaning products. For cleaning you may wipe them gently with a humid cloth using pure water.

Most Important

Love your jewelry and have fun wearing it!